Yael Hagege Maruani, Attorney at Law and Notary – Israel, and Expert Lawyer – Europe

Our area of expertise: our office is a specialist legal practice offering professional experience in the fields of Property and Inheritance Law in Israel. Ms. Hagege Maruani brings her plural training and proficiency as a lawyer in different countries to your personal brief, along with her extensive knowledge in other areas of Law, assuring you a responsive and comprehensive service that explores the complexities of legal briefs at the macro and micro level.
Property Law and Assets – Will and Succession Law in familial and matrimonial relationships – Tax Law – International Law as applicable to Aliyah – General Law of Torts – Business and Corporate Law – Notarial Instruments.

If you live abroad, are considering selling or purchasing an apartment in Israel and seek complete peace of mind,
If you are making Aliyah and wish to sell your home abroad in order to buy an apartment in Israel,
If you own a property in Israel or prefer to opt for rental accommodation,
Please contact us.

If you are interested in making your decision about your estate and would like to draw up a Will,
If you have inherited any form of assets in Israel,
If you would like to understand the best options for the division of your estate in Israel and in the world
If you are engaged in legal dispute with relatives over inheritance,
Please contact us.

Notarial Deeds in Israel

Ms. Hagege Maruani is a registered Notary in Israel, which status entitles her to authenticate a range of legal instruments that may require notarization for purposes of validity in Israel or overseas.

Our Services

  • Wills, legacies and inheritance.
  • Marriage contracts
  • Notarized translations
  • Powers of Attorney and Affidavits
  • International document authentication
  • NB: In Israel, a Notary is vested as a public officer; this service may be provided only by lawyers licensed to perform such duties. There is an official, strictly regulated scale of fees that are compulsory by law.


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