Guide de l’immobilier en Israel

Inscrivez-vous maintenant et recevez Le guide juridique de l’immobilier en Israël :

Guide de l’immobilier en Israël

Inscrivez-vous maintenant et recevez Le guide juridique de l’immobilier en Israël : ICI
immobilier en Israël



International Inheritance and Succession Law

• How might one be best advised to proceed in the case of a person deceased abroad who was resident in Israel? • What provisions should a foreign resident make with property assets in Israel – and what will happen if the person has signed a Will abroad but not in Israel? • What is [...]

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Understanding International Wills

The European Union Succession Regulation passed in 2012, which came into law on 17 August 2015, enables anyone in the European Union, with the exception of the United Kingdom, Ireland and Denmark, to enforce a Will drawn up under foreign law, irrespective of the applicable internal law. It is crucial to appreciate the implications, conditions [...]

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How to purchase an apartment in Israel with complete peace of mind

A real estate purchase in Israel represents a significant investment, often fraught with complex bureaucratic procedures, particularly for overseas buyers who are unfamiliar with the complex financial, taxation and legal processes involved. These may be very different from other countries, which is why only a specialized property lawyer is qualified to advise you. Below are [...]

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Tax Exemption Ceilings in Israel in an Overheated Property Market

Property prices in Israel have risen significantly since early 2022. While the tax exemption brackets ought to adjust to compensate for this situation, notably for owners of single home, the question remains whether the adjustment has been sufficient to cover the difference. Tax exemption brackets for homeowners of a single apartment: When buying an apartment [...]

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